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Mystic Treasures Jewelry... 

A place where dreams really can come true!!

Mystic Treasures Jewelry is well known for creating beautiful jewelry in a variety of designs and at all price points from $25 to $25,000.  We truly have something for everyone in our charming showroom right in the heart of Surf City.  And if there’s something special you’ve been dreaming about but haven’t been able to find, then Tommy J has the talent and skill to make it happen. 

Recently we have been doing more contemporary pieces and a growing number of one-of-a-kind designs, especially wedding bands. Frequently we suggest to our customers that they have their wedding here at the beach, and, have their wedding rings made here, too! What could be more special? Couples love the idea of having something made to commemorate getting married on Topsail. We’re able to custom make the design just the way they want, right here on the island.  It’s very romantic!   As you walk thru Mystic Treasures, you’ll see that we carry several other distinctive lines by outstanding artists.  We want designers who have been around a long time and are the top of their league.  These are the artists who have stood the test of time, creating unique pieces that our customers will love.  Patrick Murphy of Murphy Designs, famous for his use of long tapered gemstones, is one of the designers found at Mystic Treasures.  His sailboats are extremely popular.  Designer Matt Bezak uses the ancient technique of “lost wax glass casting” to create dramatic jewelry, such as his wave pendants.  Another well-known artist we carry is John Kennedy who developed jewelry featuring Cylettes®, which are cylindrical gemstones of color.  Our enamel jewelry is also a huge favorite, and is designed by Nicole Barr, who has been creating an extensive array of enamel jewelry for the past 25 years.  There is no doubt our inventory is unique, from striking Australian opal pieces to rare Tahitian black pearls and everything in between. We have something for different tastes and styles, and something beautiful for every budget.